How to Be Successful in Law School

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Attending a law school will prepare you to become a lawyer someday. It is your training ground to hone your knowledge and skills in all areas of law. You will learn the basics, from the US Constitution to a more complicated and current bills and resolutions. Being a law student is like a drill before the actual fight. You need to perform well during your LL.B years as it will also define who you are as a lawyer later on. 

Being a diligent law student is a good preparation for the bar exam. Many students dread the bar examination but if you do well in school, you will be less anxious about it. Here are few tips on how to be successful in law school: 

  1. Read, read, read…

You can never be a lawyer if you hate reading. Books are your best friend. You need to read and understand thoroughly what you are reading. Thus, you need to learn how to concentrate. You need a silent room where you can read and absorb as much information as you can. Find a room where you are not distracted to do something else. 

  1. Brief the cases

Take notes while you read. Jot down important facts, the holding of the case, and the explanation of the court’s decision. This is what you do when you “brief” the case. Make sure you have a separate notebook just for your case briefs. 

  1. Attend your class

A law school is very different from your middle school where you want to skip your class every day. There are many information that are not present in the books that will be discussed by your professors. When you skip your class, your professors will not repeat what you have missed when you were absent.  You might be missing a lot which can affect your performance in school and in the bar exam. Also, if you will skip more than 20% of your class, you will receive an “F” mark which is a bad record for any law student. 

  1. Pay attention in class

Learning law needs you to focus solely on the discussion by your professors.  You can take important notes while he explains legal concepts, rationale, case resolutions, tips in passing the bar exam, etc. Ask questions if something is not clear to you. Participate in class discussion. 

  1. Find time to review your notes

Devote at least an hour or two to read your notes before you sleep at night. Review your notes before you attend the class. Develop a study habit to avoid cramming during final exams. 

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