What to Look for When Hiring a Tax Attorney

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Dealing with IRS tax matters can be very challenging. It will include a lot of analysis and computations which is not meant for everyone. At the same time, you also want to make sure that all regulations are being followed to avoid any violation of the current state and national tax laws.  These are the reasons why you need to hire a qualified tax attorney. 

To begin your search, here is a list of the qualities that you need to look for a tax attorney: 

  1. Experience in handling IRS procedures.

To guarantee competence in what he will be doing for you, find someone who has a hands-on experience in dealing with IRS issues. For instance, if you need Fort Worth tax attorneys who will handle non-criminal tax cases like tax debt or tax lien, look for someone who worked for the IRS Office of Chief Counsel before.  

  1. Education.

Look for an attorney who has a Masters of Law in Taxation degree. Attorneys who finished this course show dedication to their work. It also proves that they are more knowledgeable in handling your tax issues better than any other lawyers. 

  1. Keep track of tax updates

Taxation is an ever-changing discipline in the field of law. It is important therefore for a tax attorney to do initiatives in updating himself with the latest news and changes in taxation topics. Getting the LLM degree is a good start, but at the same time, he must surround himself with publications in print and online versions discussing the changes that are applicable to his clients. He should know how to browse the internet and subscribe to the contents that are highly relevant to his line of work. 

  1. He devotes time in purely tax-related cases only

There are attorneys who are a jack of all trades. Meaning, they don’t focus on one specific field of law but they provide legal services to various legal concerns. Don’t hire attorneys who provide services to many branches of legal duties. You want an attorney who devotes his time to doing taxation-related cases only which includes business taxation and budgeting, estate planning and bankruptcy. Stay away from attorneys who provide services for almost everything including divorce, DWI, personal injury and other legal matters which are not related to taxation. 

  1. Approachable and easy to deal with

It is quite intimidating to work with lawyers because they are often typecast as unfriendly and very serious persons. But since you are a client, you wish to have an attorney who is approachable and creates an open communication with you. You want to develop a professional relationship with him which can last a lifetime. 

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